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  1. 2ply, 3ply Cleanroom Facemask / FFP2 Facemask
  2. Anti-Statics Pink Finger Cots
  3. Bouffant Cap / Mob Cap
  4. Carbon PU Finger Top Fit Gloves
  5. Carbon PU Palm Fit Gloves
  6. Cleanroom Cotton Swabs / Foam Swabs
  7. Cleanroom Latex Gloves
  8. Cleanroom Nitrile Gloves
  9. Cleanroom Notebook
  10. Cleanroom Paper
  11. Cleanroom Sticky Mat
  12. Cleanroom Sticky Roller / Pad
  13. Cleanroom Vinyl Gloves/ PVC Gloves
  14. Cleanroom Wiper
  1. ESD / Anti-Static Shoes
  2. ESD Chair / Cart / Trolley
  3. ESD Cleanroom Safety Shoes
  4. ESD Dispenser / Brushes / Tweezers
  5. ESD Garment / Smock / Cap / ESD Bags
  6. ESD Heel/Toe Grounder
  7. ESD Ionizing Blower / SMT Parts
  8. ESD Rubber Mat / Grid Curtain
  9. ESD Wrist Strap
  1. Humidity Indicator
  2. Pressure/Vacuum Diaphragm Air Pump for Laboratory
  3. Silica Gel
  4. Shoe Cover
  1. LDPE Bag
  2. LDPE Perforated Bag
  3. Moisture Barrier Bag / MBB Bag
  4. Oxygen Absorber
  5. Parafilm

Laboratory Chemical Supply

Who We Are

Established in year 2018, Top Dee Pte. Ltd. provides quality products and services to all our customers and business partners for goods requirement in work place. We provide cleanroom, industrial and laboratory chemical supply.

Quality Policy


We are committed to ensure quality checked before delivery to meet your satisfaction in both quality of product and most valued for money.

Our Vision


We aim to be a leader one stop solution for all cleanroom, chemicals supply and related services

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